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Cardiology is a branch of the medicine that studies the heart and the circulatory processes. The cardiologists must be visited so that they could examine our heart before beginning a strict diet.

When our body suffers changes some problems may definitely occur and our health will be endangered. The excess of weight is a common problem nowadays. It is tied to the majority of heart attacks and that’s why a famous cardiologist created a diet that was accompanied by exercises and could help you lose weight without damaging your heart.

The breakfast must be the same during this diet regimen and it is consisted of:

1 fruit (orange, peach, pear, watermelon, melon. You mustn’t have bananas or grapes for your breakfast.


Lunch: 1 orange; 1 boiled egg; 1 cup of yogurt (200 ml)

Dinner 2 tomatoes or 2 dl of cooked tomatoes; 2 hard boiled eggs; ½ cucumbers or 1 small piece of lettuce & 2 pieces of rusk


Lunch: 1 orange; 1 boiled egg; 1 cup of yogurt

Dinner: 125 grams of beef (boiled); 1 tomato; 1 rusk; 1 orange; 1 cup of coffee or tea (sugar-free)


Lunch: 1 boiled egg; 1 orange; 1 cup of yogurt; 1 cucumber or lettuce

Dinner: 125 gr boiled beef; 1 orange; 1 rusk; 1 cup of tea or coffee (sugar-free)


Lunch: 125 grams of cow milk cheese; 1 tomato; 1 rusk

Dinner: 125 grams of beef (boiled); 2 tomatoes; 1 apple; 1 rusk


Lunch: 200 grams of boiled meat or fish; 1 tomato; 1 rusk

Dinner : ½ kilos boiled carrot, peas or potato

NOTE: Cook your vegetables or meat without or with extremely small amount of salt. Make a pause with the diet on the 6th and 7th day and continue with it on the 8th day. Alcohol is strictly forbidden while implementing this diet regimen!

Five days after starting this diet plan, you will lose 5-10 pounds. Make a pause of 2 days and start the same diet plan 3 times (5 days + 2days pause). This will allow you to avoid any side effects and still lose up to 30 pounds. If you are persistent eating every day except Mondays, your pounds will not come back.

During the Mondays you should have the following meals:

  • Breakfast: 1 cup of lemon juice (sugar-free)
  • Lunch: 1 apple, 1 rusk
  • Dinner: 1 boiled egg, 1 tomato, 1 rusk
A Famous Cardiologist Recommends This Diet with That Will Help You Lose 5 Kilos in One Week!
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