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Doctors are in a panic and urging people over 40 to stop taking ibuprofen right away.

 It seems that when a person comes to a certain point of their age, the great pain reliever for them could overcome the benefits. You are going to feel the headache relief, but is it worth the risk of increases the chances of a heart attack?

It was 2005 when the science came out with some results about how the use of this drug could lead to a heart attack. Taking ibuprofen could raise the chances of a heart disease by 20%.

The warning became stronger after an analysis took its place in The British Medical Journal. It involves more than 10 million patients, and it reveals that the chances of suffering a heart attack are significant and it’s a high price patient will pay for relieving a headache.

That’s why doctors say to use natural ways to ease a headache. That’s how you lower the chances of the activating the side effects of the drugs you take.


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