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Slippery Elm — also known as a demulcent for its tissue soothing properties — has been researched for decades. Recent studies have found some promising benefits in its ability to help relieve bowel disorders, sore throats, and wounds.

 A precaution of Slippery Elm is that it forms lining on your organs, making absorbing different medications and remedies difficult. So, use Slippery Elm 2 hours before or after medications to not interfere with them and always inform your doctor that you are using supplements. Additionally, while it can numb the effects of other medicines, it doesn’t alter or enhance the effects of medicine.

Slippery Elm Tea : When using Slippery Elm, you should also be wary of dosages. The amount children should take depends on their weight, while adults should have about 4 grams of it in their tea on three separate occasions, or use 400 to 500 mg capsules 3 to 4 times a day.

However, these are general recommendations, to find the right dosage for you ask your doctor.

One way to use Slippery Elm is to mix it with hot water like tea. This will give it a gelatinous, soothing texture.

The gelatinous natural medicine that reduces inflammation and constipation
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