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Surely you've seen begging women in the street, at the red lights, who were holding a baby sleeping in their arms. You may have wondered why she begging with this very young child, and still asleep ...

  I looked at the little boy with more attention, later, and I had suspicions.
"Why is he still asleep?" I asked the beggar.
She mumbled something I did not understand, lowered her eyes and buried her face in the collar of her coat.
I repeat the question. The woman looked again. She looked elsewhere, tired and upset.
- " Shit ! "... she muttered.
I rest my question insistently, loudly:
"Why is he sleeping?" "

Someone behind me put a hand on my shoulder. I looked behind me. I saw a look of disapproval:
"What do you want with him?" Have you seen how life is hard for her? "

He drew from his pocket a few coins and threw them into the little box. I bet that when he goes home he will tell his loved ones his good gesture and say how poor and unhappy the woman is, the ruthless man at the entrance to the subway.
The next day I called a gypsy friend. From my friend, I learned that this case, apparently "spontaneous", is well organized. It is supervised by organized gangs of beggars. Children are borrowed from alcoholic families or simply made to be used for begging.
I needed an answer to the question: Why does the baby still sleep? And I received it. My gypsy friend tells me quite naturally a sentence which for him is ordinary, as if he were simply talking to me about the weather ...

I could not believe it: "Children are drugged, given drugs, or alcohol!" " I was shocked. "How about medicines?" Or alcohol? "
He replies, "That the child may not cry, nor cry." The woman will sit there with him all day, imagine how bored he is! The child sleeps all day, filled with alcohol or medication. Of course this little body is not able to withstand such a shock. Children die sometimes.
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