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This herb that helps to relieve the pain of joints and limbs, It is very popular in the culinary art, which you probably already have in your kitchen, and that is the turmeric.

 This powerful herb from India is recognized all over the world because of its huge variety of properties and benefits to our overall health and make sure to always have this powerful plant in your home.

Turmeric for wounds and cuts : Apply a little turmeric on top of any wound, and it will heal quickly.

Turmeric to eliminate acne and wrinkles : Mix one teaspoon of turmeric with one teaspoon of milk and two drops of coconut oil, and use this as a face mask to eliminate the acne and wrinkles on your face.

Turmeric for treating psoriasis : Apply turmeric in areas affected by psoriasis, to treat this condition.

Turmeric for treating eczema : Mix some turmeric with coconut oil, to treat any area affected by eczema.

Turmeric for bad breath : Mix a little turmeric with warm water, then gargle with this preparation to eliminate bad breath and improve the general health of your throat

Turmeric to delay the aging process : Mix one teaspoon of turmeric with two teaspoons whole milk, then use this prepared as a face mask to nourish your skin and slow down the aging process.

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