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Verónica Duque, from Valladolid in Spain, is a fully dedicated teacher, who really makes sure her students understand the material and stay engaged during the lesson. For instance, she recently gave anatomy lesson in a full-body suit which maps out the human body, making sure the students learn the anatomy in sharp detail.

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Felipe Rossi is a Brazilian dentist whose main job is to ensure smiles stay perfect. Por1sorriso NGO is the name of his NGO which he formed in 2016, but what’s most interesting about that is he and his team fix poor people’s teeth for free.

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Residents at the epicenter of China's mysterious viral outbreak are quarantined. But their mailed shipments are not. Does that pose a risk? It's a legitimate question because we import so many products from China. But U.S. health officials said on Monday that there is no evidence to support the transmission of the new coronavirus through imported goods.

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Anxiety makes you feel like a burden. You don’t want to text your friends, even though you’re dying to hang out with them, because you’re worried they won’t want anything to do with you. You don’t want to walk over and say hello to your crush, even though you’re tempted to make a move, because you’re worried they’re going to look at you funny. You don’t even want to walk up to the cashier, even though you’re next in line, because you’re worried about bothering them.

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