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A French beekeeper  and avid cannabis user spent years researching how to bring these two important parts of his life together.  The result is a natural nectar being called “cannahoney.”

The 39-year-old Frenchman has come to be known as Nicolas Trainerbees. He has earned this nickname over the past 20 years and has happily adopted the name as he is proud of his association with animals and bees.

He has spent so much time with his insect friends that he claims he can actually train them to behave as he wishes.

It was at the request of friends and followers that Nicolas decided to train his bees this way.  He had been studying bees for long enough that he knew the potential result could be a great success.  

Since this is such a new phenomenon, nobody’s had a chance to test this new honey to see how much of the first cannabis makes it through to the final product. But Nicholas says that his bees’ cannahoney brings together the health benefits of both honey and cannabis.

In fact, the idea of trying to get bees to make honey out of cannabis originally came from his personal experiences using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

He said that as a child he got into a lot of trouble at school because he’s hyperactive. Eventually, he dropped out. But he soon discovered that cannabis could help him cope with his condition.

Source: greenrushdaily

This beekeeper has been making honey from marijuana!
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