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WD-40 is a spray with various uses. It seems to be a miracle weapon for mechanics and those who fix things around their home.

You can fix hinges from squeaking or gadgets that are a bit rusty and will not work as they should.

These are some ways to use this spray. Some will amaze you :

  • Keep your bathroom glass walls free of water spots by spraying Wd-40;
  • Remove sticker residue;
  • Remove crayon creations from your children out of your walls;
  • Stop hinges from releasing squeaky sounds;
  • Prevent snow buildup on the windows during winter;
  • Make your scissors work as good as new;
  • Clean rough coffee stains of the countertop;
  • Remove stuck tings easily;
  • Remove scuff marks from your rag;
  • Dissolve grime or gunk from your toilet;
  • Make your shoes waterproof;
  • Remove a chewing gum from your shoes.


Inspirational Ways to Use WD-40 Around your Home
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