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Here we will show you a natural solution for fleas, but it will not harm your dog:

 Ingredients: Diatomaceous -1 cup (flint) soil - Half a cup of yarrow in walnuts - Half a cup neem powder - 20 drops of essential oil of eucalyptus.

Preparation: Mix all ingredients until you get a nice mixture. Apply this mask on your pet’s fur and anoint well. Avoid areas of the nose and around the eyes. Apply every other day. In addition, this mixture you can put in the place where your dog is staying and then vacuum it.

Ingredients of this preparation are very useful. Neem is used against ticks, diatomaceous soil contains silicon dioxide, harmful to insects, but not for your pet.

Yarrow suppresses irritation and inflammation. Eucalyptus essential oil has an antiseptic property, and even accelerates healing wound after insect bites.

Prevent fleas and ticks forever, with this natural product!
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