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You may have never thought of using plastic utensils in your garden, but we’re here to trigger your creativity. We give you a few handy ways to re-use your plastic forks/spoons instead of discarding them.

 Keep pests away from your garden : It’s not just regular pests, but pets, too. You will love this one. The author of Danger Garden shared her method, “I figured I would at least buy clear plastic, less visible than white. And it is !

I had to get down even with the ground to capture these next pictures of the cutlery art in my garden. So far it seems to be working. Oh and when you want clear…you get the whole set. Forks, knives and spoons…but they’re all good. What furry little kitty bum wants to be caught crouching over a knife?”

All you have to do is remove the utensils after your plants pop out. Using clear plastic is your best option, as it doesn’t make your garden look ugly.

Label your garden plants : Plastic forks are the cheapest labeling items. “At the nursery, they had some garden labels you could buy for about $4.50 a pack, with what looked like about 20 in a pack. I have 100 squares in my garden… am I going to spend $25 just so I can label them all?!? Uh… no,” explains a satisfied blogger.

Bring labeling to a higher level : Turn boring plastic forks and spoons into decorative labeling items.

Construct a decorative fence : All you have to do is line up your old plastic utensils. Some say this is an excellent way to keep squirrels away.

Decorate your garden : Who thought that boring utensils can do magic to your garden? You can also learn how to make flowers from plastic spoons. It’s amazing!

Stop Throwing Away Those Plastic Utensils. Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Plant Them Instead
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