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Security of people remains in danger given that even one bite of mosquito makes irritation, and in even worse cases allergic reaction and swelling, swelling. With this natural recipe no more such concerns.

 You require: 1/2 cup vegetable oil - 1/2 cup necessary mint oil - 1/2 cup vinegar at least 9%.

Technique: Mix all items in spray bottle and spray this in every space. This can be utilized inside, spaces, restrooms, corners, kitchen area, likewise outside in backyards and patios. Also you can even spray this on skin.

Mosquito realities you never ever knew … These insects are like the flies, and have one wing set, long legs and are thin. Their head has numerous proboscis and their wings and bodies are with small scales. The volume of the body is from 3 mm to 9 mm.

Female mosquitoes draw blood from us and this is how they make eggs. Very few know this, however grownups males and females in mosquitoes get flower nectar for feeding too. It depends upon types, however mostly they all feed upon organic matter.

The majority of them eat such remains and a bit aquatic matter too. Some are predators and prey on mosquitoes even! Grown mosquitoes hunt all day long and frequently in cloudy locations given that they do not like sunlight. Sun dries and eliminates them.

You can not recognize male or female in bugs, however male mosquitoes do not feed on blood. If the female mosquito does not get blood, it will eat flowers and natural sugars, much like males.

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