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The first thing that most people do to get rid of these insects is going to the closest store to buy some toxic insecticide which can be harmful to your health. But, there’s a safer and quicker way to eliminate them from your home, and all you need is a few natural ingredients.

 The ingredients are simple, yet equally effective as the store-bought insecticides. In fact, we present you not one but five home remedies that will trap the gnats and fruit flies in your home. Besides the solutions, you’ll need a jar or cup, and a plastic wrap to make the trap.

How to Make the Trap : The steps to make any of them include filling the jar with one of the listed liquids, and then covering it tightly with a plastic wrap. Next, you just have to poke a dozen of small holes into the plastic wrap.

The tip, on the other hand, should be two inches away from the jar’s bottom. Choose a bait and put it into the jar. Now, see how the insects funnel in without having the option to go out.

Apple Cider Vinegar : Another great fruit fly and gnat repellent is the common ingredient you probably have in your kitchen cabinet right now – it’s the apple cider vinegar. Heat half a cup of this vinegar and pour in a few drops of liquid soap. Stir well and add the solution in the jar. Place the trap at a place these critters appear most, and see how the vinegar’s sweet smell attracts them. Once they enter into the jar, the liquid soap will kill them.

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