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The lessons we learn in life are usually learned the hard way, aren’t they? Often through mistake, trial, experience, and sometimes involving hard work and tears. Perhaps the most difficult part about the process is realizing that sometimes chances don’t last a lifetime.  You ultimately understand this when it is already too late to act.  If the opportunity allows it, it`s best to learn these lessons sooner rather than later.

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Most people have two versions of themselves. There’s the version that they put on display for the world, and then there’s the version of themselves, the true version, that they keep hidden away. Sure, everyone keeps some of their cards close to their chest. It’s perfectly normal. People could be judgemental creatures and there are just some things that we don’t want to be judged on. But here’s the reality of the situation:

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Although many of us won’t admit it being told by our loved ones how much we mean to them matters a lot. Hearing  “I love you”, “you are the most important person in my life”, or a “thank you for being by my side” could make us extremely happy. After all, there is nothing more precious in this world than the love and recognition of our family and friends. And, no the need to hear that someone cares for you doesn’t make you weak. It means that you are a sensitive person who has a heart and wants to give and receive love.

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Every single day of your life is a precious gift. That’s why you need to spend your time with someone who will always choose you. Someone who cares for you deeply, and always puts you first. The one who helps you get through all of the storms on your way.

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