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It can be next to impossible to keep bad people from entering your life, but don’t ever stop being a good person just because you’ve encountered a bad person. True change always comes from within. Change that comes from external sources isn’t real change. It’s not the kind of change you need, and really, that kind of change won’t ever stick. And who needs it anyway? You’re better than being changed by bad people.

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The lessons we learn in life are usually learned the hard way, aren’t they? Often through mistake, trial, experience, and sometimes involving hard work and tears. Perhaps the most difficult part about the process is realizing that sometimes chances don’t last a lifetime.  You ultimately understand this when it is already too late to act.  If the opportunity allows it, it`s best to learn these lessons sooner rather than later.

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Many people tend to think critically about their relationship and their partner, wondering if there is someone`s better for them.  Don’t get things wrong, though. At no point, you should consider staying with a manipulator, gaslighter, or abuser. If you feel like you are in danger, go away.  Being single is better than being with an abuser. But, if your partner is a good person, don’t go looking for someone better only because they might be out there somewhere.

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We have all been through those terrible detentions back in school. But it’s really debatable whether detention actually results in any proper productive development in children. While many of us may have been told to step outside the class or stand while others are sitting, in a method to shame us, – it always affects us negatively. Rather, we need to find a new way that will actually help students become better than they are without impacting their self-esteem.

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