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It is of common knowledge that adults are supposed to get around 8 hours of sleep, but this however isn’t suitable for children under 18, as they need far more sleep.

 Although getting an hour of sleep less won’t cause serious side-effects, if it turns into a habit it might result in serious health problems. Down below are 7 downsides of sleeping below 8 hours:

Back Pain : Although excessive sleep can also make you prone to back pain, getting less than 8 hours of sleep can cause some serious pain as well. Try exercising regularly if you get less sleep.

Obesity : If you spend too much time lying in bed, your metabolism can mix up and instead of using energy, your body will store it. According to a study, people who slept around 10 or more hours a night are more likely to become obese in 6 years.

Depression : Depression can also be a result of both oversleeping and insomnia. It has been proven that 15% of people that suffer from depression are excessive sleepers.

Headaches : Both excessive sleep and lack of sleep causes often strong headaches.

Diabetes : Having too little or too much sleep can affect your body’s ability to process glucose, which leads to type-2 diabetes or insulin resistance.

Heart Disease : In order to function properly, our heart needs both rest and exercise. Having too much of both can be quite dangerous according to a study involving 72,000 women that slept around 11 hours a night. They were shown to be more likely to suffer from heart disease compared to those that slept less.

Death : This occurrence isn’t fully examined, but for now, people have been reported to die as a result of medical condition that slept more than nine hours.

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