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It is unfortunate that we humans often forget about the importance of gratitude. It is a thankful appreciation for what we receive, a way to acknowledge the goodness in our lives.

 Gratitude is confirmed to be linked to happiness, as it boosts positivity, builds strong relationships, relishes good experiences, and improves health. Unlike people, animals never forget to thank us for the love and care we give them. The story of Abi, the hugging kangaroo, proves it.

A series of Youtube videos show the thirteen-year-old female kangaroo, named ‘Queen Abi’, giving hugs to her rescuers. Abigail is likely to be one of the most affectionate rescued animals in the world, and her story raises awareness of the hunting issue that orphaned numerous joeys in the Australian outback.

Queen Abi starts her day by hugging the people who look after her at the Kangaroo Sanctuary, which is located outside of Alice Springs. It provides specialized care to kangaroos, rehabilitating orphaned joeys from the hunting and helps them to enter the wilderness. Little Abigail lost her mom when she was only a few months old, and volunteers at the sanctuary welcomed her with open arms.

The founder of the non-profit sanctuary, Chris Brolga, founded it after realizing the nearest wildlife rescue center and a hospital was over 1,500km away. It has 188 acres of land, a rescue center, and provides tours to visitors.

Rescued Kangaroo Can’t Stop Hugging The Volunteers Who Saved Her Life
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