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You may be surprised to hear that phone scam calls are once again in the spotlight. As soon as people detect the latest scam, a new one appears, and it is very difficult to warn people about this condition.

 However, keeping an eye on these scams can protect you from becoming a victim.

How Do Phone Scam Calls Work? “Can You Hear Me?”, a very simple question but it can make you a victim of a phone scam. So, if you pick up your phone and hear this phrase, please hang up in the very moment. The most important: DO NOT ANSWER!!!

In fact, this is a call from a scammer who is on the other end and who tries to record your voice. So, in case you say “yes” the scammer has the recording of your voice. Further on, it can be used to trap you into different financial transactions and purchases in your name.

When you take part in these financial agreements over the phone, the answer “yes” represents signing a verbal contract. Once the scammers have this recording of your voice, they can use it to transfer money, make account changes and purchases in your name.

Source: Youtube/Fox News

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