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WOMEN have been subjected to sexist remarks about their driving for decades, but new research has proven that they are better behind the wheel than men. Despite the fact that more women fail their test first time, once they are on the road ladies are safer drivers, according to new research. found that when it comes to breaking the law on the road men outnumber women almost four to one with less than one per cent of women convicted of careless driving compared to two per cent of men. And just one per cent have been caught drink-driving compared to five per cent of men. Of the 600,000 motoring offences committed in England and Wales last year, 79 per cent of them were committed by men.

In fact when it comes to the most common offences, men dominate across the board the research shows. There were 1.4 million insurance claims in 2018 and it is men who are twice as likely to make an insurance claim than women are.

The study found that they are also more likely to be “at fault” than women are when making a claim. Historically, women also pay less for their car insurance than men and this is because they are seen to be statistically safer drivers. In other news, we revealed how women are "too tough" on themselves with seven in ten worried that they are failing in work or as a mum. And over half of pregnant women don't know what to eat or avoid, research has found.

Source: The sun

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