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Married women are more frequently exposed to stress compared to singles. This isn’t surprising though, given the workload consisting of their marriage, parenthood, and career. Women who are married are more prone to getting headaches and dealing with fatigue and anger issues. Additionally, parenting can be quite stressful as well.  AND,  the results of a recently conducted survey suggest that husbands surprisingly are a bigger stress factor for wives than their children.

 Up to 46 percent of the responders have said that their kids create less stress than their husbands, and this isn’t related to neither cheating nor abuse. According to the study, around 75 percent of women were in charge for both taking care of the household and parenting. And, it isn’t difficult to realize why more of the blame may fall to the husbands opposed to the kid when the case is such.

Women who went to work in addition to handling the bigger share of household chores and parenting were feeling much more overwhelmed and stressed out. It is interesting to mention that many of the reasons women gave for experiencing stress were associated with the way their husbands resembled children more than adults.  Another reason for stress the women reported was feeling overwhelmed and pressed for time. Specifically, they felt like they didn’t have enough time to finish their daily tasks, party due to the lack of support from their partners.

Stress can be also caused by guilt : When a woman is responsible for both children, the household, caring of their husband, and career all at once, she may feel guilty when something goes wrong. “I feel like I am figuring out a lot about parenting on my own without the input of my husband. This stresses me out because when something goes wrong, it is all my fault,” one responder said.

So what can be done about this?  The simplest and most obvious answer is that a husband can be of great help for his wife by investing more time and energy into caring for the household.  The housework tasks should be shared equally if the spouses are to have a successful marriage. The couple should appreciate each other`s efforts as any work done is valuable, even if it doesn’t generate income.  When the housework responsibilities are divided in half, they will be done more quickly. Therefore, the remaining time can be spent with each other.

Husbands Are A Bigger Stress Factor For Wives Than Kids
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