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It is scientifically proven that stress may be the cause for different health illnesses. Namely, when you are stressed, the function of your immune system is reduced, which makes you more prone to many medical conditions including pain.

 Anyway we cannot change the fact that stress is a part of everyday life. Experts explain that there are two types of stress: good and bad which we usually experience from our body, thoughts and environment. When people are overstressed they might not even notice the stress and are not aware of it, due to the fact that this condition may mask itself under certain symptoms.

Below you can read about symptoms that show that you are over-stressed and you are not aware of that:

Your body is in pain : Most of the people do not pay attention to the signs that their body gives until unbearable pain occurs. Experts explain that when some person is under high-stress levels, he or she will notice that the body will start to break down, which means that you will experience ulcers, tense muscle, stomach issues, chest pains, palpitations and diarrhea. Also, the person may experience chronic headaches, arthritis or aches all over the body. That is the reason why it is very important not to ignore the symptoms and find out what is happening to your body. Experts explain that first step in dealing with stress management is to become aware and accept that certain change is required.

You aren’t sleeping well : Changes in your sleep, such as excessive sleeping as you feel too tired or insomnia may be indication that you are overstressed. Certain methods such as healthy diet, exercise or meditation can help you efficiently to solve the sleep problems. Answer these questions: are you having any nightmares while you are sleeping? Are you worrying too much at night? It is important to highlight that the events which occur throughout the day have an essential role in your subconscious. Stress has huge negative impact on the peaceful state of mind. Although age and environmental factors may change the sleeping patterns, when some person is over-stressed, sleep is the first thing that also is affected.

You have weight fluctuations : Are you skipping meals or you are over-eating? The stress slows down the work of your metabolism and that furthermore is making you to gain some weight. In addition to that, stress sometimes is shown with losing weight rapidly. When people are overstressed, the cells are not able to get the needed oxygen. Food provides the energy your body needs, and the type of food you consume throughout the day shows how you deal and handle things. While some people tend not to eat enough food, others are consuming sweets. The mental capacity of people deals with emotional issues is the base for how you treat your body.

You can’t stop thinking about work or problems : Today many people all the time are thinking about their work, finances and other everyday problems in order to find a balance. Experts warn that over time, stress affects your body. Namely, you can’t solve your problem if you don’t detach from it. And, if you are worrying too much, that may result in physical and psychological issues. You should not check your emails or your phone all the time, or any other form of communication connected to your work as on that way you simply are suffocated by stress.

You can’t sit still : Experts explain that people who cannot go for a walk, sit in contemplation, be with their own thoughts or do gentle stretching exercises are overstressed. If you are one of those people who experience constant anxiety, and you are not able to sit, relax or read a book, you need to find out the reason why are you can’t sit still. Experts explain that your mind sometimes is your worst enemy.

You have little patience with others : Another sign is intolerance or impatience with others. Namely, if you are getting angry very quickly or you are snapping, there are high chances that you are being tormented by too much in your life. Experts advise that it is completely normal to vulnerable and ask for help. Therefore if you find yourself in similar situation and you simply don’t have patience with others, you need to slow down and calm yourself.

You have major mood swings : If your stress levels are increased, your mental health gets affected, as well. Namely, if in one moment you are feeling happy and quickly after that you find yourself enraged or crying, it is most likely that the reason for that is stress that has affected your hormones. For most individuals, talk with professional is of great help. It is crucial to find the reason why you behave on that way. Regardless of the fact that stress cannot damage your body, it still will have negative impact on your relationships with people around you.

You have hair loss : If you are overstressed, that may cause certain changes in physiological functions of your body. And that may be the cause for disproportionate amount of hairs to go simultaneously into the resting phase. After 3-4 months, all of the resting hairs will be shed. Experts explain that substantial physiological stresses will disrupt the normal hair cycle. Therefore, if you are facing with such change in hair loss, you should visit doctor in order to discover the emotional cause of the physical changes of your body.

8 Signs You’re Over-stressed (And Don’t Know It)
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