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It is never easy to end a relationship or break with a friend, but sometimes these unhealthy relationships can feed on our well-being.

 It's hard to know when to draw the line, but there are some signs that indicate it's time to remove the toxic people from your life, especially if it starts using you. If you want to make some changes to your social circle, consider 9 signs to eliminate some toxic people from your life.

Every conversation is passive aggressive: Conversations must be direct and honest, not burdened with hidden insults. Try not to be in touch with the kind of person who is passive-aggressive because they say things that sound measured in tone, but in word they hurt deeply. Avoid them at all costs or if you can not, remember that this behavior is their problem not yours.

People are jealous of you: Try not to be in touch with people who are easily envious or jealous of your successes. They can be so competitive that they will belittle what you have to say and how you say it. Try to be aware of this trait if you do not take it seriously and let it undermine what you have accomplished.

People try to put you down: Toxic people attack your vulnerability in an attempt to reduce your self-esteem. Surround yourself with other people who compliment you and compliment you. Hold your head high, find people who are satisfied with your weaknesses and who accept your faults. We all have vulnerabilities, but we do not need to be reminded of them all the time.

Your peers do not listen: You should remove people who constantly turn the world around themselves, their problems and their lives because they are self-absorbed, and narcissistic. This will drain your life, and no matter how you try, you will never have a good relationship with them.


4 signs that show you have a toxic person in your life!
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