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Sometimes it’s hard to answer it. Especially when you are in your down period zone. The doors and windows are shut and far away from your reach.

 Finding the power to stand on your feet and jump as high as you can to reach for that light at the end of the tunnel is what it takes to live even when the times are hard. Life is beautiful. You need to say this over and over again every day. If you are searching for a formula to live happy and perfect life, I’m going to give you one. It’s right there in front of your eyes. You just need to reach for it.

Realize How Lucky You Are : Realize that your life is a gift before thinking something that will make you down. If you whine about your food, think of all those who have nothing to eat. If you cry about your life, think of someone who passed away in the early stages of theirs. Before you moan about the dirty house, think of those who live on the streets and seek shelters. If you complain about your job, think of the people who would do anything to get one. You might be in an “effect” now, but you are lucky for everything you have and are.

Face Life and Problems with a Smile : A smile is the second best thing you can do with your lips. People who handle life with a smile are joyful because they realized the value of life and importance of the same thing. When the depressive thoughts are forming a cloud over their heads, they are searching for the silver lining. Give this method a try. It will help you stay active even when the toughest challenge comes at you. The biggest problem will look like a piece of cake when you look back at it years from now.

Live and Cherish Every Moment : Why questioning your existence? – Now it’s the perfect time to start living the way you want. These are precious moments as the time you are away complaining about some things will never come back to you. Take a deep breath. Look around and all those lovely people around you. Go for a walk. Watch favorite TV series. Eat some Ice cream, go for shopping, meditate, exercise, change your eating lifestyle, do yoga, spend time with family and friends. That’s the real wealth in life.

All things will sort out sooner or later. You were put on this earth for a reason. Make sure you need to make your mark. There will be twists and turns, but no one said this would be a smooth ride.

Source: mamabee

Do You Love Your Life? – It’s Up To You!
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