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Fortunately, there are some money-saving alternatives such as plants that can keep your home cool and save electricity. The following plants won’t only cool your air but remove all the toxins from it.

 Aloe Vera : Along the medicinal properties, Aloe Vera can keep cool temperatures during the hot days and nights. Also, it does not only protect you from heat, it removes formaldehyde in the air.

Areca Palm Tree : This plant removes carbon dioxide and toxins in the air. According to the experts, it contains potent humidifying properties. So, when choosing this plant, take the one with a thicker trunk in order to maintain it more easily.

Snake Plant : Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, this plant is ideal for bedrooms because unlike most plants, it does not take oxygen away during the night. You will not only have a plenty of oxygen but a cool sleeping atmosphere.

Boston Fern : Along the decorative qualities, this plant is a potent natural humidifier and purifier. In case you have problems with formaldehyde, all you have to do is add this plant to your home.

Ficus Tree : Ficus tree or the weeping fig, is a powerful plant that can remove toxins in the air and increase the level of oxygen. It only requires some area with bright light and plenty of sun.

These plants are not only ideal for people who live in places with humid and warm temperatures but they also provide the following benefits: Increase the level of positivity; Lower the level of depression, worry and stress; Promote healthier breathing and air; Improve concentration.

So, instead of turning on your air conditioner, go for one of these powerful plants. They will help your cool down during the hot summer days and will significantly reduce your electric bills.

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