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What have you got to lose?

 1. You spend too much time worrying and not enough time working : It’s been said that worry is a misuse of imagination and I completely agree. When we spend our time worrying, we aren’t actually making anything better. If anything, worry takes the winds out of your sail and makes you slower to accomplish big things in your life. Here’s what I do: I make a list of things to do. When I start worrying about the unknown, I pick a thing off that list and do it. Over time, you actually get better at just sucking it up and working harder at life instead of worrying.

2. You aren’t getting encouragement : Not getting enough encouragement can really crush your spirits. If you’re surrounded by people who don’t care about your dreams or even worse, try to dissuade you, it might be time to find some new friends. Surround yourself by people who give you plenty of encouragement.

3. You’re afraid of failing and aren’t taking risks : I know, failure isn’t fun. Even as kids, we’re taught that losing stinks and if you do, you’re a loser. But failure is how we grow as people. Take risks, and if you fail, take more risks until you find yourself successful. 

4. You lack a sense of self : This is the most important one in my mind. Your sense of self is who you are and how you fit into this world. If you lack encouragement, aren’t taking risks, and spend too much time worrying, it can muddy up your sense of self. Think hard about who you are and where you fit into the world and remember, every action has a ripple effect, so let them be good actions. Have a positive sense of self.

Source: dailyvibes

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